Live Freely
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02. About

Bitcoin Natives


Each Cypherpunk, in their own right, wields the cryptographic keys as swords against the specters of surveillance. Their stronghold, built upon the bedrock of Bitcoin, stands as a beacon of resistance against the encroaching forces of control. Within the hallowed halls of the FehuLayer, they conduct the sacred rituals onchain, crafting digital armaments that shield the sovereign individual.

Genesis Array


Community Utilitarian Fellowship


Motto Live Freely ᛚᛁᚠ ᚠᚱᛖᛖ

Status Native of FehuLayer

Realm fehu.1f.11.element

Avatars Spirit of Liberty

Inscriptions 15,000 Ordinals

FEHUDOM Entitled Mint

03. Utilities


Events and Workshops

Encrypted, invite-only challenges, forums and training workshops that focus on privacy technology, cryptography, and blockchain advancements.


Crypto Legal

Provide access to legal advisors specializing in cryptocurrency, privacy laws, and digital rights for consultation or dispute resolution.


Research Reports

Regularly compile cutting-edge research reports on the latest trends in privacy tech, blockchain security, and regulatory developments.


Private Investment

Create opportunities for Cypherpunks to join investment pools focusing on privacy-oriented startups and projects, leveraging collective insights and resources.

Early Access

Applications & Protocols

Early access to new privacy-focused dApps and protocols. This could include beta testing opportunities and the ability to provide input on features and development.


Anonymity Tools

Distribute latest software tools that enhance online anonymity, such as privacy-focused browser extensions or identity-masking applications.


Privacy Audit

Where Cypherpunks can have their personal digital footprints audited by experts. This can help identify potential privacy vulnerabilities and enhance digital security.



Utilize ordinals to grant voting rights in club governance, allowing Cypherpunks to influence decisions regarding projects, investments, and direction.


Cypherpunk Merchandise

Exclusive merchandise that aligns with the Cypherpunks' ethos. These items not only serve as functional tools but also help build a sense of belonging and identity within the club.

04. Essentials